What’s so special about us? Who is Kaos Thoery Fitness? What their background before they got started?

I’ll dive into those questions here in a bit… but first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ken…

And at the ripe old age of only 6, I knew one thing:

I wanted to build a downright incredible physique that was strong and powerful.

In just the last 5 years, I’ve created a massive fitness influence and I have positioned myself as one of the major fitness authorities online, all by the age of 24. Kaos is about transforming your physique and living the life of your dreams. Then, Fitness essentially becomes a metaphor for life! When you can master training and nutrition to build an amazing body and become stronger and leaner than you could ever imagine, confidence and self belief goes through the roof.

This is precisely when everything in your life starts to fit together and amazing things start to happen! Unfortunately, up until now, building an incredible body meant countless gruesome hours in the gym each week, crazy strict diets and a very limited life outside of fitness.

The KTF approach is to blend fitness into your lifestyle. You’ll become leaner, stronger and better developed each week, but it won’t be at the cost of your ability to enjoy life. This is a beautiful thing and this is when you’ll fall in love with the process. Funny enough, a minimalist approach to training and a balanced and rewarding nutrition plan will actually lead to far better results than the typical extreme fitness approach. So join me on this adventure and transform your physique and live the life of your dreams!

Now, don’t just take my word for it…

You can always comb through my website, Youtube channel or Instagram page, and you’ll see thousands of comments from people sharing just how effective my tips and programs are and thanking me (when nothing else worked).
Thousands of NEW people follow my courses every month…

Everyone from teens, to actors, models, CEOs of huge companies, military personnel, and athletes. Here’s the kicker:

Even successful personal trainers, fitness coaches, doctors and strength and conditioning specialists follow and utilize my programs with absolute enthusiasm!


KTF Explained: The Kaos Theory Background

Before I talk more about Kaos, I want to give you a better picture of my story and my background.

Six years ago at 18 years old, I had to make a choice. Was I going to pursue a university education, get a business degree, and work up the corporate ladder? Or…Was I going to carve my own path and follow my passion? I knew that if I did the former, there was no fucking way I was going to be the best at my craft.

I would have been mediocre… (And well…Fuck being mediocre, right?). But with fitness, I knew I had something beautiful to share. I knew I could make a difference…

People throw around the word “passion” a lot, but “passion” doesn’t even begin to express my dedication to fitness.

In fact, let’s take a look at the last couple decades of my life: Age 18

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Age 35

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That’s what is awesome about Kaos: You can achieve the best results possible training only three days per week, skipping on cardio completely; all while eating the foods you love every single day to absolute satisfaction. That is Kaos explained and why I believe the Kaos Theory approach is better than anything else out there.


A Lifestyle Approach to Fitness and Nutrition

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KTF Perspective

One of the greatest realizations of my entire life was when I realized that the present moment is all we ever have. You see, I have spent the grand majority of my life living for the future. Repeatedly telling myself that I’ll be happy, fulfilled and complete when I have this and that…This is a painful way to live and it makes living hard.

What you must understand is that it’s amazing to have goals! But don’t set goals on the accord that they will make you feel happy and fulfilled when you accomplish them. This is never the case. What happens is that you get an instant rush of exhilaration and excitement but it soon evaporates. And you’re left feeling empty and incomplete. So you set your sights higher and farther and the process perpetuates itself.