What’s so special about us? Who is Kaos Theory Fitness?

I’ll dive into those questions here in a bit… but first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ken…

And at the ripe old age of only 18 I loved the gym

I wanted to get as physically string as I possibly could!

In the last 15 years we have helped guys all over Australia and the world to get in great shape.

It's not about never eating out again or not being able to have a few beers at a BBQ, it's about making sure you're looking after yourself and your fit and healthy for years to come.

The KTF approach is to blend fitness into your lifestyle. You need to be 90% on point and have a little 10% fun to really tackle your health and wellness for the long long term. not just a few weeks.

Now, don’t just take my word for it…

You can always comb through my website,  facebook  or Instagram page, and you’ll see att the amazing before and afters from out clients and their facebook posts in our private group letting us and you know how well they are doing.

Everyone from teachers, police offices and the army, guys doing FIFO in the mines and everything in between.

Even successful coaches and trainers all around the world use our programs to give to their clients and to get amazing results for themselves and others.


KTF Explained: The Kaos Theory Background

Before I talk more about Kaos, I want to give you a better picture of my story and my background.

I got into fitness from a fight that I was in when I was 18, I was taken on by a group of 25-26 years old with steel bars and fighting skills at a party and I ended up in hospital with stitches in the back of my head, saying to myself, I’m going to get as fit and as strong as I can so this would never happen again.

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they need a change and they are sick of their current circumstances and want to get the job done.

I hope you’re there already or on your way there yourself.

group image

That’s what is awesome about Kaos: You can achieve the best results possible training only three days per week, skipping on cardio completely; all while eating the foods you love every single day to absolute satisfaction. That is Kaos explained and why I believe the Kaos Theory approach is better than anything else out there.


A Lifestyle Approach to Fitness and Nutrition

KTF Perspective

It’s really important at some point in your life to take your health seriously, sometimes it can be hard to get on top of your health and fitness and life, family and kids can get in the way of your goals and success, sometimes it’s too easy just go give up.

Its amazing to have goals and go after a vision, but remember to take good care of your vision of what you want for the future, sometimes you need to fight for the rest you want to achieve, other times it comes easy, what ever the case that applies to you. Remember to go after what you want as hard as you can.

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